Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Top Minion Ringtone Best Compilation Download link

Below are some of the best minion ringtone compilation download and enjoy

1.  Minion Hotline Bling Ringtone
2.  Minion wiggle wiggle wiggle Ringtone
3.  Minion iPhone Ringtone
4.  Minion Brocolli Minion Ringtone
5.  Minion universal studio ringtone
6.  Minion Ring Ring Ringtone
7.  Minion Cheap Thrills Ringtone
8.  Minion Ride Ringtone
9.  Minion Panda Ringtone
10. Minion Jingle Bells Ringtone

Click here to download and between do like the above video

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Flipkart Cheating customers looting people and no price protection

Think thrice not twice before buying any product from flipkart,and never buy any exclusive flipkart only product on first day because you never know when they gonna slash the price, flipkart stages one or two fancy sales in a month like "big billion day", "end of season sale" etc and slashes price only on exclusive product which are already hiked as these products are not available on offline or any other online stores and they have full control over price and boast as if they have reduced price and favoring customers.

Example recently i bought a lenovo k8 plus on first day sale for 11k exactly after 6 days they reduced 2k + credit card discount 10% so total price value by almost 3k without giving any consideration to its early buyers. while offline stores like sangeetha etc are assuring price protection for 30 days.

An another funny thing  Both lenovo k8 plus and Mi A1 was released on flipkart at same time and both has gone through exactly 5 fancy sales in 2 months, big billion day, diwali sale, dusshera sale, end of season sale and so on but believe me lenovo has gone price slash from 2 to 3k  in all these sales, where as the famous flipkart not even gave 100rs discount on redmi a1 even after the 5th sale that is after 2 months of it release, this shows flipkart is cheating its customer so they give discounts on faltoo products and the models which are about to be removed from the market.

Now after being a loyal customer to buy products on flipkart after this incident i cleared my cart which i was above to buy in flipkart in bigbillion dollar sale guess what i saved 3k more for micromax canvas 32 inch led tv, i accidentally found same tv on paytm for 15300rs aftercash back while same was 18999 in flipkart what lost on flipkart was gained in paytm so guys never  ever jump and buy new released devices in flash sale wait for fancy sales or buy only flag ship products like redmi etc where they sell both offline and online of same product and nothing exclusive flipkart only thing.

Do share your experince here if you faced something like me.

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to make phone not reachable without removing battery /SIM ?

Recently i was searching android application that can make phone not reachable, but surprisingly i did not find any, being android mobile application developer i thought of writing my own app and upload it to google play but i did not find any api's in android SDK(Software Development Kit) to do so. So i was searching for "Call Not Reachable" app like every one else, i was in need to avoid a caller but don't want him to know that i am not picking up his call intentionally and also i don't wanted to switch the phone off  which means to him i intentionally switched  off  the phone. But i just wanted him to hear "the subscriber you are trying to call is not reachable" or "Mobile number you are trying to call is out of network". and this would be a real excuse for me without hurting the caller. So i was baffled with the question is  there any way to go "Out of reach" on my mobile phone without removing the battery or SIM? though i googled extensively i did not find any application or tricks to do it, but suddenly BAM! i remembered testing team in my company using a trick to make phone not reachable to test our mobile  application for some scenario using ALUMINIUM FOIL.

Aluminum Foil Wrapping

Yes! the aluminium foil which is used to wrap food does the trick, wrapping your mobile device in aluminium foil blocks cell phone signals, this effect is called faradays cage or farady sheild an electric charge exists on the outside of a charged conductor, and the electric charge has no effect on anything enclosed by the conductor, Wrapping a cell phone in aluminum foil creates a Faraday cage. Because cell phone signals are electronic, the aluminum foil prevents the signal from reaching the cell phone.

So if you have a  aluminum foil in your kitchen the it comes handy by making you unreachable on your cell phone.

Faraday Bag or Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch

Just search for signal blocker pouch in amazon you find tens of them and yeah it really works its easy to use, just put your mobile device in this pouch  and your are unreachable these mobile cost some where between 4$ to 20$ depending on make.
remember to remove it from the pouch else you might miss important calls, so bottom line only way to now go out of network is just to enclose your device with metal it can be Foil, pouch with metallic enclosure or metallic box all works on the principle of faraday shield.

But be warned some times even enclosure with above objects also can have a slight signal leak and you might get the call and also above method is a battery drainer since your cell phone actively be searching for the network last but not least you might miss important calls so better use it as worst case scenario and try to attend all the calls.

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