Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fake international missed calls do not call back

Think twice before calling back any unknown missed calls that too if it is a international and unidentified phone number, recently i got a missed call which was just  1 - 2 rings from this number +248980232 but when i searched for this number on the web i came to know that it was a fake number and many people who had called back had got deducted or charged premium ISD rates.

These kinds of fraud are not new to western countries this kind of scam exisit from more than decade and it is said to be originated in japan in 2000's and is called "Wangiri  fraud"  Wangri means one ring and cut.

these calls are intelligently done by setting up the number looking as if it is a local number say a number may  start with +80 or +22 mimicing it as bangalore or mumbai number but these are virtually premium-rate numbers when called back we are screwed big time, the call rate might be anywhere between 50 - 200 rupees  perminute so guys beware before calling back any missed calls on your mobile phone.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Google Apps Not free, Alternative Solutions for email

Best alternative to google apps email for your custom domain, Its time to move from limited 10 accounts google apps and Get (  free email service from Microsoft for your domain with 500+ free email accounts. When google started google apps for domain they were offering 5000 accounts for a domain slowly they reduced to 2000, than to 1000, than 200, then 100, then 50 and finally to mere 10 who knows one day they may reduce it to 3 or 5 update: Google apps for standard edition is not free anymore, google is moving from "User Centric" to  "Business Centric" forcing small business and organizations to buy their email service which was once free.

But many don't know there exist a free, reliable and better email service from Microsoft where you can get 500 email accounts for your domain for  free whats more it even as calendar, contacts, docs and MSN Messenger service similar to gtalk integration a complete email and cloud service that's not it  you can even upgrade for free to get like web-mail interface.

So how to signup?

Its free and easy, just Login to with your hotmail or live email id and create a admin account for your website/domain by clicking  "Add Domain" Button as show in below pic

How to create mx, txt and spf records?

Once you add your website and accepts agreement? you will be automatically redirected to settings page where you will be given mx record enteries for email handling, txt record entry for proving domain ownership and spf record entries for email authentication see below pic just add entries in your domain admin panel wait for atleast 30mins and then click on refresh, most of the time added domain entries takes 10mins to 4hrs to get reflected and detected on web.

How to access email from web browser ?

For that you need to create a Cname record so that you can access email from your web subdomain and redirect it to "" or ""  so that your custom subdomain "" will be used to access email.

Once all the entries in your domain control panel is updated wait for 30mins and then enter in browser it should automatically redirected to live login and  you could access your email as shown in below pic by entering full email address and password

Main Features and Migration Changes you face while switch from Gmail to hosting service:

--> Outlook offers unlimited space and 25mb attachment size where as gmail offers 10gb space and 25mb attachments, one plus point in if  your email attachment is more than 25mb it will automatically sent via skydrive

--> Gmail Supports both IMAP and POP, where as supports only pop to access mail via webclients but if you are accessing emails via mobile you can use exchange active sync which acts like imap with push email and whats more it even supports instant synchronization of calendar and contacts so that you will not loose your pim details.

--> In outlook you can recover permanently deleted emails that is if you empty trash accidentally and you lost on of your important email dont know how long you can retrieve deleted emails where as this facility is not available in gmail.

-->  Both Google and outlook will offer online space where you can store large files and share it with your friends if it is more than 25mb.

--> In both you get messenger integration gtalk in case of Google apps and MSN messenger in case of  live domains.

So with head to head collision with similar features both have its strengths and weakness  now Google has limited its standard account to 10,  Microsoft's live for domains look more attractive and better deal compared to Google apps standard. by the way use it you never return to gmail for email hosting.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Converting kitchen food waste to organic compost for home gardening

Ever wonder how much bio-waste your kitchen produces every day?  start collecting it and you come to know the shocking amount, on average your household may produce around 1 - 3 cereal bowl of organic waste such as vegetables scrap, tea/coffee grounds, egg shells, old bread, fruit skin(banana skin), cooked rice etc, i bet it always would have been ended tossed into garbage bins!

We are maintaining roof garden from past 20 years for many years i used to dump Tea grounds every day in all the pots, but from past 3 years i went a step a head by putting kitchen waste into pots though not converting into compost but directly putting into pots such as scrap veggies, banana skin and other fruit pulp and nature was taking it coarse slowly by converting it into compost.

Now recently i added more to the waste list  such as cooked items such as popcorns, breads, biscuits, cookies etc and started converting it to compost by adding a layer of waste and a layer of mud on newly added food scraps and let it stay for at-least a month.

How do i use this compost?

I have lots of plats on my terrace pots such as Rose, Egg plants, Chilli Plant, Spinach, Mint, Chapardha Avare kai( I Guess Butter Beans in English), Malabar spinach aka Basella alba(Bachele soppu in kannada) Tomato Plant etc and compost thus produced will be nutrient rich fertilizer for my pots.

below are some pics of my roof garden, did not clicked tomatoes, eggplant and butter bean since it has withered and end of its life cycle will upload once its been re-planted and in full green

Chilli Plant

Mint Plant

 Kitchen Waste (Carrot and Onion scrap and Tea Ground)

 Spinach (Kanchee Soppu: Kannada, Kanchi Kuraku Telugu)

What are the kitchen waste that can be used for compost?
All vegetable and fruit scraps, Tea or coffee grounds, breads, biscuits, cookies, cooked and uncooked rice remains, egg shells etc

Avoid Meat, Fish, Bones, Dairy products, Oily Remains such as high fat snacks, though these are also bio-degradable they take lot of time to get compost and also they are smelly.


What are the Methods to convert kitchen waste to organic fertilizer?

There are lot of tutorial on YouTube and step by step methods explained in blogs just Google for "Home Composting Kitchen Waste" you get tons of videos and web search, see the above video for one of the method and if you are already doing this then share your experience and method followed here.

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